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What is plastic recycling ?

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What is plastic recycling ?

Recycled plastics are a kind of waste plastics. They refer to the plastics made from waste products that have been used, eliminated or replaced, cleaned and crushed during civil and industrial use, which are called recycled plastics.

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Plastic products not only bring convenience to mankind, but also bring great negative effects. With the significant increase in the use of plastics, waste plastics are difficult to degrade naturally, resulting in increasingly serious environmental pollution.


 Recycling has opened up a road of reduction, harmlessness and recycling for the treatment of waste plastic waste. At present, all countries attach great importance to the recycling of waste plastics, invest a lot of human and material resources, and even develop key technologies for the recycling of waste plastics through legislation. This paper summarizes the current situation of recycling and utilization of waste plastics, as well as the research progress and development trend of waste plastics treatment and recycling technology in China in recent years.

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Through field investigation and data investigation, the flow direction and environmental characteristics of plastic packaging waste are analyzed, the basic characteristics, experiences and lessons of plastic packaging waste recycling are summarized, the characteristics of plastic packaging waste recycling mode are discussed, and the problems existing in the recycling process are deeply analyzed.

The results show that plastic packaging is an important part of plastic products. Due to its light weight, large recovery volume and difficult recovery, a large amount of plastic packaging waste is produced every year in China, Municipal solid waste landfill has become the main flow direction and pollution source of plastic packaging waste.

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At present, the recycling of plastic packaging waste in China relies on individual recyclers who work in cities, which is consistent with the current national conditions. The problem of plastic pollution can not be solved in a short time, and long-term comprehensive management countermeasures must be taken, such as reducing the source, formulating economic policies to encourage recycling Adopt appropriate harmless disposal methods, etc


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