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Plastic waste recycling

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Plastic recycling

In Kuga City, East Cape Province, South Africa, the local government is building a "plastic highway" to decompose waste plastics into particles to replace most of the asphalt in traditional asphalt mixtures, and build a 1km long plastic highway. It is reported that this "plastic highway" can recycle nearly 700000 waste plastic bottles or 1.8 million plastic bags. "Plastic highway" is suitable for the local climate, more durable and heat-resistant, and can reduce the fuel consumption of vehicles and road maintenance expenses.


With the increasing consumption of plastic products, waste plastics are increasing, which seriously pollutes the environment. The recycling of waste plastics can effectively alleviate the global environmental and resource problems.


As we all know, plastics are difficult to degrade in the natural environment and are often treated by incineration for power generation or recycling after crushing. What are the ways to recycle plastic waste? At present, the recognized plastic recycling methods include top-down four-stage recycling. 1. Reprocess the plastic waste into products with similar performance to the original plastic products; 2. Processing plastic waste into plastic products with properties different from the initial products, or mixing plastic waste with newly synthesized plastic raw materials into plastic products; 3. Convert plastic waste into fuel or chemical raw materials; 4. Convert plastic waste into energy.

Plastic bottle belongs to food grade PET, which can actually be used to make polyester fiber, or chemical fiber, PET fiber, polyester, non-woven fabric, etc.


How is the recycling of plastic bottles realized? The first step is crushing. Jiepu plastic waste disposal production line adopts GI intelligent monitoring system, with automatic control functions such as start, stop, reverse and automatic reverse of overload current. It has the characteristics of low speed, high torque and low noise. In addition, the production line is equipped with professional dust removal equipment, which can reduce dust pollution and ensure the environment of processing and production workshop. The equipment of the whole production line has high hardness after heat treatment, so it has long service life, strong crushing capacity and high production capacity. The production line is more intelligent, automatic, reasonable and labor-saving with double shaft shear crusher, belt conveyor, secondary fine crusher and granulator.

How to deal with plastic waste is a big problem faced by many countries. Recently, the Thornton Energy Research Institute of the University of Chester announced that it has successfully obtained the technology to turn plastic waste into electricity and hydrogen fuel. It is understood that the plastic waste that has not been cleaned and classified can be crushed by machine and melted in the kiln. The plastic waste can be directly used for gas engines. The by-product produced in the processing process is electricity, which can be used for residential housing lighting.


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