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Plastic Agglomerator/Densifier

Boxin Agglomerator/Densifier can directly recycle the waste plastic films and other products less than 2mm wall thickness into granules
  • BX-GSL

Boxin Agglomerator/Densifier can directly recycle the waste plastic films and other products less than 2mm wall thickness into granules.


It is suitable to agglomerate the waste products or films made of soft HDPE, LDPE, PP and other thermo plastics. It can also pelletize waste products of expanded polystyrene.


After more than 16 years of customers’ production practice, continuous innovation and optimization, this plastic Agglomerator machine has successfully developed a cyclic pressure lubrication system, which greatly prolongs the service life of the bearing compared with ordinary yellow grease lubrication, thereby greatly reducing the maintenance rate of the equipment, and it has been widely used. Favor of old customers.


After the waste material is put into the machine pot, the material is quickly cut into pieces by the shearing action of the high-speed rotating blade and the fixed blade. 

The chopped materials or pieces flow along the inner wall of the pot under the action of the centrifugal force of the rotary cutter disk, and at the same time, the materials are turned up and down by the action of the lower paddle, moving from the surrounding to the center of the pot. 

Due to the friction between the materials themselves and the friction with the pot wall and blades at high speeds, a large amount of frictional heat is generated, so that the temperature of the materials rises rapidly to a semi-plasticized state, and they adhere to each other into small pieces. 

Before the material is about to agglomerate, spray all the pre-prepared quantitative water into the material. When the cold water meets the hot material, it quickly vaporizes and takes away the heat from the surface of the material, so that the surface of the material is cooled rapidly to prevent agglomeration, and then passed through. 

The crushing action between the blade and the fixed blade causes it to be shredded into granules (irregular and irregular granules). 

In the shredding process, appropriate pigments can also be added for coloring as needed. 

The pellets produced by this machine can be directly supplied to extruders and injection molding machines to produce products. 

For products with strict requirements, they can also be pelletized by the extrusion granulator before use. 

The pot body material of the GSL series high-speed pelletizer is stainless steel, and the blade material is T7.

BX-GSL Sries mainly produce PE,PP etc. plastic film 

Item Technical Data of plastic agglomerator

Volum( L)1002003005006008001500
Rotator Speed(r/min)10501050950850750750660
Capacity (kg/h)60-100100-150150-250300-400350-450500-600900-1200
Motor Power (KW)37455590110132160
Machine weight(kg)1000120018002500270030005000
Overall size (m)1.7*0.75*1.51.7*0.85*1.52*0.85*1.62.3*0.95*1.72.3*1.1*1.752.5*1.25*1.82.8*1600*2100
Rotator blades (set)2224444
Fixing Blades  (set)66688810
Bearing lubrication methodgreasegreaseHydraulic oil circulation
Pot body materialStainless steel
Blade materialD10




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