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How to plastic recycling ?

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How to plastic recycling

The regeneration methods after plastic recovery include melting regeneration, thermal cracking, energy recovery, recovery of chemical raw materials and other methods.

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(1) Melting regeneration melting regeneration is a method of reheating and plasticizing waste plastics. Shenyang material recycling company is divided from the sources of waste plastics. This method can be divided into two categories: one is the recycling of clean waste plastics recovered from the leftover materials of resin plants and processing plants; The second is the recycling of various plastic products mixed together after use. The former is called pure regeneration, which can produce plastic products with good performance; The latter is called composite regeneration, which can only prepare plastic products with relatively poor performance requirements, and the recycling process is more complex.

Catalysts | Free Full-Text | Deactivation and Regeneration of Zeolite Catalysts Used in Pyrolysis of Plastic Wastes—A Process and Analytical Review | HTML

(2) Pyrolysis pyrolysis method is a method of preparing combustion feed oil and fuel gas from selected waste plastics by pyrolysis.

Process Flow Diagram of a classical pyrolysis plant with a novel vortex... | Download Scientific Diagram

(3) Energy recovery energy recovery is a method of using the heat generated by the combustion of waste plastics.

Energy recovery from pyrolysis of plastic waste: Study on non-recycled plastics (NRP) data as the real measure of plastic waste - ScienceDirect

(4) Recycled chemical raw materials, some kinds of plastics, and polyurethane can be hydrolyzed to obtain raw material monomers during synthesis. This is a method of recycling waste plastics into chemical raw materials by chemical decomposition.


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